Friday, July 24, 2009

Mario Kart Wii Handphone Mascots Collection


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Released by Yujin in 2008. This is my first Gashapon Collection from one of the Yujin Gacha machines in Tokyo. The rare one was the Supercar Baby Mario - only got one out of this from more than 20 tries.

A family of 6 including:

1. Supercar + Baby Mario (スーパープクプク+ベビィマリオ)


2. Supercar + Baby Peach (スーパープクプク+ベビィピーチ)


3. Supercar + Kinopio (Toad) (スーパープクプク+キノピオ)


4. Standard Bike + Baby Luigi (スタンダードバイク+ベビィルイージ)


5. Standard Bike + Baby Daisy (スタンダードバイク+ベビィデイジー)


6. Standard Bike + Kinopiko (Toadette) (スタンダードバイク+キノピコ )


Saturday, July 18, 2009

Furuta Mario Choco Eggs Series 1


Released by Furuta on 17/11/2008. Officially it is a 12-chararcters collection including Mario マリオ(hand-up), Peach ピーチ姫, Lakitu ジュゲム, Luigi ルイージ, Goomba クリボー, Yoshi ヨッシー, Toad キノピオ, Bowser Jr クッパJr., Donkey Kong ドンキーコング, Wario ワリオ, Power-up Mushroom (red) スーパーキノコ, Mario (hat-off). The 13th character is the 1-up Mushroom (green) 1UPキノコ.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

Furuta Mario Choco Eggs Series 2


Released by Furuta on 22/9/2008. On Furuta official website, there are 11 characters and 1 secret character (Fire Mario ファイアマリオ). The 11 characters are Mario マリオ, Luigi ルイージ, Princess Daisy デイジー姫, Bowser 大魔王クッパ, Waluigi ワルイージ, Diddy Kong ディディーコング, Boo テレサ, Koopa (Green)ノコノコ緑, Toadette キノピコ, Birdo キャサリン, Fire Flower ファイアフラワー. In fact, there are 13 characters in all - the final one being the Red Koopa ノコノコ赤.

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Friday, July 10, 2009

Reading Medical Journals on Amazon Kindle DX

The Amazon Kindle DX, launched in June 2009, is the newest generation of ebook reading device based on electronic ink. The technical specifications of this device is available here. It serves well as a PDF reader for medical journals.

Why is it good?

1. Electronic ink is very comfortable for the eyes (just like reading newspaper) compared to the backlitted computer screen.
2. Able to support native PDF documents without the need to reformat/reflow the article.
3. Screen is large enough for displaying standard PDF articles offered by most publishers. Magnification available in landscape mode.
4. Surprisingly fast page refreshing.
5. Very slim and relatively portable.
6. Long battery life - up to 2 weeks according to Amazon.
7. Large storage capacity (4Gb).
8. Save paper, save trees and conserve the environment.

Size comparison with Baliga



American Heart Journal

Cardiology Clinics

SMJ - Pictures


SMJ - Tables

What can be improved on?

1. Lack of Wifi support and wireless service via inbuilt EVDO modem and whispernet only provide U.S coverage.
2. No magnification in potrait mode.
3. No bundled software to do automated PDF cropping i.e white borders (containing only page number) in some PDF can be cropped further to maximise reading space.
4. Lacking in support for .chm format - numerous medical ebooks are published .chm.
5. Few/no medical textbooks published in Amazon Kindle store.
6. No colour.